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Alas...! Among Men I Lead The Most Piteous Life


OH...! Kaawa-awang Buhay Ko Sa Iba

By: Jose de la Cruz

Alas, among men I lead the most piteous life:
From the very start, I've pursued my love
But up to now, the end is nowhere in sight
When I'd finally find comfort…!

And how have you repaid me?
You argued me to hope and anticipate
And then, as collateral, these words:
Wait till you get to heaven to receive your boon.

Pity from above and pity from your heart,
Are they one and the same as you seem to imply?
I don't think so - your pity is one kind,
What heaven can give is another matter.

What reward have you given my pains…
That I wait till I'm in heaven for my reward?
How unfortunate I am indeed
Compared to those who lived and in return were loved.

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